SLSLRC Members Toolbox

Geoff P 101Hello! I’m Geoff.  A proud member of SLSLRC or as I say “Slerslerk” for short!! LOL!  I have been a member of this club for about 6 years now and still Love it!  It all started for me in 2006!  A flyer for the L2B was attached to the screen of my LR (thanks Gav).  So I filled out the details and sent it off!  My first L2B run!  Arrived at Crystal Palace at some stupid time in the morning to be confronted by a sea of LR’s!  wow so many in 1 place!  Everyone was so friendly.  Departure time came! Noticing the Marshals doing a sterling job, I thought I would like to belong to that club! So I joined the following year!  Brighton Bound now! Stopped to assist a fellow driver but alas blown head gasket!  Declined a tow as assistance was en route.  Arrived at Brighton to a massive crowd of people who had driven the 60 odd miles for fish and chips lol!!  Loads of stalls for LR related products!  A prize giving ceremony, a raffle which is well worth it!  Then the journey home!  All without major problems.  A fab full day out!!

This is how I Roll !!